Project Create Workshops

Project Create loves hosting arts workshops, whether at our Arts Center or out in the community. Our brilliant teaching artists share their talent and experience in a variety of artistic disciplines, and our students enjoy learning new creative skills. Past one-time workshop examples include: poetry readings, fashion design, video production, 3-D printing, cooking, graphic design, mural-making, mosaic collages, and so many more!

Project Create is also proud to offer an Arts Enrichment Field Trip Program. Through field trips to cultural institutions, performances and exhibitions, Project Create encourages our students to be active participants in the arts, which allows them access, experience, discourse, and ownership. Our students actively participate in culture, not just as audience members but as creators of art and members of cultural spaces. Visiting cultural institutions and interacting with artists and arts organizations give our students inspiration and confidence with regard to their own development and opportunities. Our students are empowered to gain intellectual ownership of the arts and actively participate in the production of culture, as artists, as curators, or critics.

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