Ahmad Woodard

Artist-in-Residence, Rap Artist

If you were to ask โ€œWhat makes a successful rapper?,โ€ most people would be inclined to first list off certain accolades such as specific awards which that rapper has garnered, their net worth, and/or their popularity. But for me, the first thing that comes to my mind as an answer to the question is the word โ€œimpact.โ€ Though I strive to obtain those aforementioned achievements listed above, I know that as an artist I am aligned to a much deeper purpose that involves my artistry (i.e., my music).

That purpose is creating and contributing music that can outlive my physical presence here on earth. As an MC, I desire to do two things with my pen: to create heartfelt lyrics with witty usages of literary devices such as wordplay, storytelling, double entendres, triple entendres and quadruple entendres; and to construct songs that will stand the test of time in the hearts of those who have encountered my work.

Whether it’s through the ink of my pen that I spread onto the page when songwriting or quickly typing random lyrics in my phone that came to me throughout my day, words are my livelihood! I understand the responsibility that I carry through every single word that I choose to use, not to mention the lasting impact that I can have on people through my words.