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Deanna Hawkins

Music Production

As a Washingtonian, music has been an integral part of Ms. Hawkins’ life since the age of 9. Currently, she is a Grammy nominated music producer, educator, professional musician, musical director and entrepreneur. As an alumni of Duke Ellington School Of the Arts and Howard University (B.A., Music/ Music Business), she developed an affinity for teaching, educating communities, providing tools and uplifting our youth. Having toured the world as a professional musician for many years, she remains dedicated to sharing the gift of her experiences to our youth, as our culture is constantly evolving – with music (technology) embedded in its trends and innovations. Over the years, she has taught general music and/ or music production in public school systems, inner- city non-profit organizations, as well as privately.

Ms. Hawkins is a firm believer that music education has many facets that fosters endless amounts of creativity, smiles and confidence! “ALL children deserve to experience this! We definitely have a responsibility… and it can start by Bridging Possibilities in Music.”