Evie Tobias Photo

Evie Tobias

Visual Art

Her life is the palette…her style is the inspiration…her passion is Art Flow. From singing to dancing to drawing, Evie Tobias was born with a passion for everything art. Born in Takoma Park, Maryland Evie began her artistic journey before she could even talk. At an early age, Evie’s eccentric style developed naturally and inspired her to creatively express herself in music, dance, and visual art.

While attending Friendly High School, Evie was awarded the opportunity to study still life drawing at the world renowned Corcoran School of the Arts & Design in Washington, DC. She earned a BA degree in Musical Theatre from Howard University where she also traveled and studied in Maryland, New York,and California. After college, Evie landed in Los Angeles to pursue her musical career.

In 2008, she took a break from music and turned back to visual art. With limited funds and her knack for creativity, Evie combined high fashion vintage magazines with other recycled materials to birth her innovative style of art now known as “Art Flow.”

While in Los Angeles she participated in the 2 Pancakes and Booze underground art show. Her piece “African Badu” was auctioned off in Beverly Hills, California at the 2012 MojoMojo Pre-Grammy Awards Brunch honoring Shelia E. “African Badu” is the beautiful depiction of musician Erika Badu.

Evie’s lifestyle and passion is the influence behind Art Flow. Each piece is unique, detailed, and intricate requiring an extensive amount of time to complete. Evie’s ultimate goal is for Art Flow to inspire and ignite a passion for the arts throughout the world.