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Zalika Perkins

Visual Art

Zalika Perkins is a native Washingtonian, visual artist and art educator. In 2001, she received a Bachelor’s Degree from Howard University in Fine Arts and went on to exhibit her art in numerous solo shows and group exhibitions as well as teaching art in various community settings. After receiving her Masters Degree in Art Education from Georgia State University, she dedicated herself to teaching full time. She has worked in DC Public Schools for 9 years and ushered a former student into a historical win in the National Doodle for Google contest. In 2018, after serving as a ACE fellow (a program that helped educators cultivate compassionate classrooms), she began teaching at Project Create where she gained more experience in community arts. She is committed to helping adults and children lead more creatively-centered lives while maintaining her artistic practice of creating mixed-media portraits that illustrate the strength and beauty of her cultural heritage.